XP? Vista? Windows 7?

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Customers continue to ask –
“Can I still get my new laptop or computer with XP Pro?”
“Yes”, we tell them. “XP is still available.”
Well, I don’t want Vista,” they say.  At First Service, we’ve been having this same dialogue for the last two years. 

In 2007 and the first half of 2008, Microsoft kept pressuring for XP to be discontinued in our industry. They would announce a “sunset” date for XP, but they would receive backlash and delay the stop sell. At the same time, they were pushing the oft-maligned Vista to market.

Vista got a bad name from the beginning as most third-party software didn’t revise their applications to be compatible and Vista didn’t network well with existing XP machines. Vista’s OS market share has climbed over the last several months to around 23% while dominant XP hovers around 64%. Much of the market share increase can be attributed to retail sales at Walmart, Dell, Best Buy and the now defunct Circuit City.

At First Service, we sell business class laptops and computers. Retail versions are fine for light use at home, but we will sell you a better value machine. We continue to highly recommend XP over Vista. If you make your purchase at the big chain stores, you’re limited to Vista only.

However, XP isn’t the only reason to contact us during your hardware and software buying decision. We can make recommendations for PCs and notebooks that are better built, more reliable and more durable.

What about Windows 7? Initial beta tests indicate Windows 7 is looking better than its maligned predecessor, Vista.  Microsoft continues to say finished product will arrive in late 2009 or early 2010. We’ll provide more details and our opinions as information becomes available.