Protect Your Personal Data, Upgrade iOS ASAP

In All by Alex Kallimanis

Data and device security should not just be a priority for your business hardware. Making sure that all of your personal hardware is up to date can be just as important as the security of your desktop at the office.

Earlier this week Apple, Inc. had a slew of new announcements about their service platforms. Sitting neatly in between announcements of a new credit card, a subscription games service and a TV streaming service (with Oprah), was the release of the newest update for iOS; 12.2. Generally speaking this update does not have the same flash and pizzazz of Alpha releases (remember the transition from iOS6-7?) with just an updated News Application, but there are a slew of security updates that you’ll want to jump on as soon as possible.

The 12.2 update incorporates over fifty security patches for a number of core iOS apps including Messages, FaceTime, Contacts, and Mail, among others. This patch affects devices ranging from the iPad Air and iPhone 5s up through the current generation of products. Outside of the core apps, the update features a number of security patches for “kernel and power management” as well as “a whole host of WebKit fixes” that impact data privacy and safety through Safari. These WebKit fixes include an update that prevents sites from accessing the phone microphone without your approval.

Feature hounds will be excited to see that a number of non-security updates are included as well. The owl, boar, giraffe, and shark join the Animoji menagerie for iPhone X and late-gen iPads. Likewise, the update sees improved TV controls on the lock screen and Control Center when using the AirPlay features, as well as adding support for the second generation AirPod headphones.

If you would like to read the full iOS 12.2 release notes you can click this link, or follow this link to see an explainer of all of the security updates included in the release. Whether you’re concerned about the security of your devices, or just like playing with the Animoji, you should take the time to update any iOS hardware that’s not up to date. Your data will thank you.

Information for this post was originally found on Gizmodo