PC Donations Far and Wide…

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Sometimes computers just aren’t worth the cost to repair, are too slow to be functional, or are left unclaimed.  During the course of every year of the 18 he has been on staff, Bruce Lyttle has initially set aside some of these computers.  When there’s time or a used part available, he has reconditioned them.

As a need presents itself, we give the computers to students, non-profits, and missions mostly.  The demand is greatest around the holidays.  Last month one was carried on a mission trip to Haiti for a school while a laptop went to the director of an orphanage in Kisumu, Kenya.  Most stay right here locally. 

If you replace a laptop and the old one is still half-decent, please consider dropping it off.  We can’t always get you a donation receipt, but there’s usually a new home for it that’s very appreciated.