Happy 10th Birthday Server 2003!

In All, Operate Efficiently by Mike Abbott

We have all enjoyed your dedicated service to our companies and our data.  Your hard work has kept us running smoothly for years.  You first arrived on the scene a year before YouTube and right after our music loving friend iPod.  It’s time you reward yourself with an extended vacation.  Let someone else take it from here; possibly Server 2012. Go see the sights. Maybe you can even see what Windows XP is up to. Cheers!

Make way for Server 2012

As new higher performing server operating systems are developed (Server 2012), older versions are retired.  As they are retired, they no longer receive critical security patches and compatibility with new business software is limited. (eg. Outlook 2013 will not work with Exchange Server 2003. Meaning, No Email) With that said, support for Server 2003 will soon be coming to an end and it is time to start planning your upgrade to the latest hardware and OS.

We’re here to Help

First Service is dedicated to keeping you and your company on top through purposeful and thought out upgrades.  While keeping your systems state of the art, we look to maximize ROI by utilizing past technology investments too their full potential.  If your company is still on Server 2003 we are recommending an upgrade of your system to maintain the security and performance you now know and trust.  Windows Server 2012 has enhanced HIPPA Compliant file security, simplified VPN-Like Access, improved remote desktop, and increased compatibility with virtualization.  To find out more about the benefits of Server 2012 and to start planning your upgrade, contact First Service today.