End of Year: Data Archive/Snapshot

In All by Alex Kallimanis

A good Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) plan is a central pillar of any Information Technology strategy. The BDR provides peace of mind in the event of data loss. In some cases the BDR serves as a temporary replacement to your server in the event of a total site loss. In order to safeguard your data, the staff at First Service Carolina recommends performing a Data Snapshot/Data Archive at least once per year.

The Process

To perform the Snapshot a First Service Carolina engineer will need to have access to your backup device. The engineer will then copy the information from the device to a removable USB hard-drive. This hard drive acts as a permanent data resource, representing all of your data up to this point in time. The team at First Service recommends keeping this backup off-site in a secure location such as a safe, safety deposit box, or home office.

The Benefit

A static data archive, as part of a larger BDR strategy, provides a number of benefits for your IT security. First, the archive acts as plan C (after the backup device) in the event of malware encryption, catastrophic site loss, or hardware failure. Second, the files can be stored as long as necessary for your industries’ compliance regulations–the data is safe as long as the hard drive is safe. Lastly, backing up files allows the engineers from First Service to free up space on your backup device by archiving (and therefore moving) files that have not been accessed in a long time.

Get the Archive

If you are interested in a data archive or snapshot for your business contact the team at First Service Carolina today. Our staff has performed countless backups and archives over the years and would be happy to add you to our list of satisfied clients. If you would like more information on BDR plans and planning head over to the Backup and Disaster Recovery page on the main site.