Cryptolocker: A Hostage Taking Virus

In All, Operate Efficiently by Mike Abbott

CryptoLockerVirusPC hackers have outdone themselves this time. A new type of malicious software is going around called “Ransomware” or more specifically “Cryptolocker”. Cryptolocker is a “virus” that, once downloaded via email or from a compromised website, attacks your computer by locking all data with an unbreakable encryption. It then demands a hefty payment with the promise of releasing the files to their original state.

I Think I Have Crypto Locker:
If you think your machine has been infected with Cryptolocker Do NOT Pay The Ransom. First Service can help you remove the malicious threat and restore your files from a current unencrypted backup.

How To Protect Yourself Against Cryptolocker:
To protect against Ransomware keep a current Backup of all files on removable media such as a USB drive, an external HDD or even cloud based storage. It is relatively easy to remove ransomware. But even with the malware gone the files remain encrypted. In some cases files can be restored locally but a file restore from a recent backup is usually necessary to complete the removal process.

Do not open suspicious emails or visit unfamiliar websites. Hackers often attach malicious software to these mediums to infect unsuspecting victims.

As a rule of thumb, it is recommended you keep all important documents backed up to your local server. This insures they will be included in the daily archiving of vital company data.

Need Help Making Sure You Are Protected?
First Service can assist with making sure there is a secure backup for your data and show you how to keep it updated. We are currently testing a software solution that automatically blocks this type of attack and it will be pushed out to our Managed Services clients shortly. If you need assistance please feel free to call First Service Technical Support at 919-832-5553.