There are a number of benefits that come from moving your business’s technology to the cloud. First and foremost, you will have access to your data, documents, emails, calendars, and more no matter where you are or what time it is. Microsoft’s 365 Suite also provides a number of tools that will help your business get work done more quickly and efficiently. Tools for real-time collaborations are built right into Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, allowing your employees to work together more effectively.

First Service is a proponent of cloud-based PBX systems for telephony. They provide a long list of benefits, like the ability to answer your office line from your cell phone when you are out of office, use an application for out of office conference calling and make business calls from multiple offices that are geographically separate using just a single telephone number.

Whether you are just switching email hosting providers, you have had an exchange server in house up until now and are looking to move to Hosted Exchange, or you are looking to move to a hybrid solution, we can help you accomplish your goal. We’ve been setting up businesses with Exchange since the product first came into being in the mid 90’s, so you know we have the experience to get Exchange working exactly the way you want us to.