In All, Blog by Mike Abbott

    SAFETY PUP SAYS…. Update   One thing smaller firms and individuals are often reluctant to do is download updates to their operating systems and individual apps and programs. Why? …

Is Your Website Mobile Optimized?

In All, Blog by Mike Abbott

    Smaller firms often struggle just to keep up with maintaining a website. Worrying about a scaled­ down version for mobile users seems like just too much trouble. Today’s …

Data Security: A People Problem

In All, Blog by Mike Abbott

    Phishing Scams – A People Problem There are some things that only people can fix. There are many security risks to which your data is susceptible, but there …

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Support for Windows XP is ending?

In All, Plan Strategically by Mike Abbott

That’s right.  After April 8, 2014Microsoft will no longer be providing support or security updates for Windows XP. What does this mean? Without support or security updates Windows XP will …

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