2011 – Let's Back Up!

In All, Manage Risk, Operate Efficiently, Plan Strategically by Mike Abbott

Everyone’s data storage has grown exponentially over the last few years.  There are duplicate pdf’s in team members mail folders, plus the originals.   It’s not fun to delete old emails and folders.  Are you utilizing video?

Budget woes made it tempting to plug a USB drive to the server.  Maybe you have bought a NAS or a SAN for more space.  What about backup for all that new data?  Have you invested equally in backup as your storage has expanded?  Almost universally RIGHT NOW we see the answer is NO – backup is not keeping pace with expanding storage.

We urge you to maintain a backup infastructure that is truly recoverable within a time frame that is acceptable to you.  It’s never the squeaky wheel. so it’s easy to neglect.   Call us to help map out your recovery plan.